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Swab collection

Nov. 06, 2020

Test principle:

The main chemical components contained in the medium can effectively denature proteins and inactivate diverse viruses in the samples. In addition, the medium can also inhibit the nuclease activity and protect the integrity of nucleic acids for further PCR detecting.


Swab collection

1. Open the package and take out the swab

2. According to different requirements, use a swab to collect the sample. Then quickly place the swab into the tube.

3. Break the swab at the breakpoint and the swab should be immersed in the medium.

4. Keep the tube cap tightly closed.


1. The tube is for a single use and it is forbidden to share one tube for different samples.

2. The collected swab should be immersed in the medium for ensuring inactivation of virus.

3. Do not use expired products.

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