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Buccal collection card

Product Description

Product Description


Buccal collection card is a new medium based on vegetable fibre for DNA storage, especially for the collection, transportation and storage of different kinds of biological fluid, such as saliva, and cell culture fluid. By the distinct fomular and production engineering, when the biological sample contacts with the buccal collection card, the card color will change from pink to white, which indicate the area for the PCR process.


1. Precise and long-term-stable color indication. When biological fluid contacts with buccal collection card, the color changes from pink to white immediately, ensuring the efficacy of finding the location of buccal cells. 2. Secured DNA collection mode and avoid the contamination of DNA enzyme and possible amplified human DNA. 3. Lower the harm to objects during the sample collection and avoid the defensiveness of objects. 4. More protection on the testers, avoid the contamination from possible virus in the sample blood.


1. Fill out the details of objects on the double sides of the cards. Do not unfold the card during writing to prevent possible contamination.

2. Object gargles with clean water.

3. Put the sponge tip into the buccal cavity and scratch 5-10 times, then scratch on the other side 5-10 times. Rinse the tips properly and use different sides of the swab

4. Put the tip on the pink cycle of buccal card, press for around twist for 3 times, the pick color would turn to white.

5. Leave the sample air seasoning for 5-10 mins, then put in the collecting bag and stored under cool, ventilated and dry condition.

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