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What is FTA Card?

Aug. 20, 2021

the fta card

                                FTA card



An FTA card is a chemically treated filter paper designed for the collection, preservation and shipment of biological samples for subsequent DNA and RNA analysis. Special chemicals lyse and inactivate bacteria and viruses and preserve their DNA and RNA for detection by PCR.


What is FTA technology?

The FTA technology consists of a special dry chemical reagent mixture embedded in a filter matrix. The mixture includes a protein denaturant, a chelating agent and a free radical scavenger. The FTA card is a cotton fiber card processed by this special chemical reagent mixture. After blood, saliva, plants and other samples are collected on the FTA card, the sample cells will be lysed, the protein will be denatured, and the nucleic acid will be collected and will not be degraded by enzymes. It can be stored stably for many years at room temperature and high humidity. . As a medium for storing nucleic acid, FTA card can be used for direct PCR amplification or nucleic acid extraction for subsequent analysis.


FTA technical advantages

Safe and reliable, no other processing required: FTA card has anti-ultraviolet damage and antibacterial properties, which can inactivate harmful microorganisms/viruses.

Only need a normal temperature environment and easy to operate: fixed storage nucleic acid does not require low temperature, just add blood or saliva to the card.

Short pre-processing time: remove the small disc from the puncher or clean it with pure water, FTA reagent or TE buffer (<30min), then downstream experiments can be carried out.

Compatible with most molecular research detection methods: PCR, RT-PCR, STR, RFLP, SNP, WGA, Invader Assay, HPLC-MS, etc.

Large storage volume: the circled area sampling/storage sample volume can reach 125μL, and the FTA gene card can reach 75μL.

Longer room temperature storage time: stable storage of blood samples> 22 years, stable storage of oral cell samples> 12 years. The data is constantly being updated.


FTA cards Types

According to the number of sample areas: FTA cards are divided into micro cards, mini cards and classic cards

According to whether the nucleic acid sample on the card is eluted into the solution: FTA cards are divided into non-eluting cards and eluting cards 

According to whether the sample location is indicated on the card: FTA cards are divided into ordinary cards and indicating cards 


The difference between FTA micro card, mini card and classic card

FTA micro card: 1 sampling area, up to 125ul sample volume;

FTA mini card: 2 sampling areas, each sampling area can reach up to 125ul sample volume;

FTA classic card: 4 samples, each sampling area can reach up to 125ul sample volume;


The difference between FTA ordinary card and indicator card

FTA ordinary card: mainly used for the collection of blood and other samples;

FTA indicating card: mainly used for the collection of colorless samples such as saliva and oral cells; after the sample is added, the card will indicate the position of the sample through the color change.

The indicator FTA card is mainly used for oral samples, saliva and colorless samples such as cervical exfoliated cells. The indicator type FTA card material comes with color pigments, so when colorless samples such as oral samples are added to the card, the position containing the sample will change from pink to white, making it easy to identify the position of the sample.

Advantages of Indicating FTA Card

After the sample is added to the FTA collection card, the nucleic acid is immediately stabilized and protected, so as to achieve long-term stable storage

Improve the efficiency of collection, transportation, storage and nucleic acid detection of colorless samples such as oral samples

Color indicator changes are very easy to identify the position of the sample


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