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What Are Flocked Swabs?

Apr. 14, 2021

What Are Flocked Swabs?

If you are reading this article, you may have a good understanding of what cotton swabs are and what they are used for. But you can always know more. Here are a few frequently asked questions about the world of flocking cotton swabs.

If "flock" is a word you haven't heard before—except when it refers to a flock of sheep—we are here to help you.

Flocking refers to the process of applying multiple lengths of fibers to the adhesive-coated surface; if the swab is clustered, it is a flocked swab.

Traditional spinning swabs do not always collect and wash out what you need.

You should use flocked swabs to increase your sample collection. All flocked swabs have clear advantages in a wide range of sample collection applications.

Why use a flocked swab?

Flocked swabs mark the latest development of disposable specimen collection equipment. Flocking refers to the process of applying (multi-length fibers)-called flocking-to the surface of the adhesive coating to enhance sample collection. All flocking swabs have clear advantages in many applications.

1. Flocking swabs provide the best sampling

Flocked swabs are the best choice for rapid diagnostic tests because they can better collect cells or organisms at the collection point and quickly release the entire cell. 2. Improve the sensitivity of diagnosis

The patented flocking technology turns each fiber into a velvety brush, creating hundreds of thousand contact points for better collection and release of samples. The increase in the number of target cells (compared to non-flocked swabs) helps to increase the sensitivity of rapid diagnostic tests.

3. Fast elution

flocking swabs are fully integrated with the handle (which means they do not contain internal fabrics or other internal cores to absorb the specimen), and a large number of specimens are collected and retained. This not only provides a better sample yield, it also allows the sample to be released into the liquid medium more quickly and completely.

4. Proprietary multi-staple fiber

Puritan is not the only medical product supplier that offers flocking cotton swabs. Puritan’s proprietary multi-staple fiber creates a net-like structure that collects and retains more samples than traditional cotton, polyester or rayon swabs.

5. Convenient loading, unloading and transportation

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