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Why Should We Use Flocked Swabs To Collect Cell Specimens?

Jun. 22, 2021

Would You Like To Improve The Cell Specimen Collection?

The flocked swab is ideal for collecting a large number of cells, quickly eluting the specimen and immediately releasing the cells into the transport medium. It is recognized and adopted by manufacturers of diagnostic reagents in the fields of molecular genetics, forensic medicine, and clinical laboratories. A large part of the samples collected by traditional fibrous wound swabs remains in the fiber matrix of the tip. Studies have shown that flocked cotton swabs can release up to 95% of the sample compared with 25% of the samples in standard fiber cotton swabs, which is particularly important when the sample size is particularly small.

Why Should We Use Flocked Swabs To Collect Cell Specimens?

■Ergonomic and anatomical design, the vertical nylon fiber is like a soft brush, thereby improving the comfort and efficiency of the patient.

■Improved the collection of samples. The electrostatic sprayed fibers are evenly and vertically attached to the tip of the nozzle, and the cell specimens are quickly absorbed through strong capillary action.

■Excellent sample elution, with an open fiber structure, which can quickly move the sample cells into the liquid medium, unlike traditional wound swabs, when the sample is trapped in the mattress core.

flocked swab

flocked swab

■Improved detection sensitivity. Flocked swabs have been proven to quickly elute more than 95% of the original samples, which makes it easy to improve detection sensitivity. However, traditional fiber swab matrix and capture samples.

■Quantitative volume transfer, measurable and continuous absorption and transfer from the patient to the test tube does not have the internal mattress core like traditional fiber wound swabs to disperse and capture precious samples.

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