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How To Use Flocked Swab

Jun. 04, 2021

How To Use Flocked Swab

Proper specimen collection is critical for rapid and accurate diagnosis of clinical specimens.

Instructions for use of flocked swabs

Peel off the sterile bag.

Remove the cotton swab and collect the specimen. Ensure that the tip of the applicator only touches the suspected infected area to reduce potential contamination.

The swab should be processed immediately according to the internal laboratory instructions.

Alternatively, the swab can be placed in a sterile tube labeled with patient information and transferred to the laboratory for microbiological analysis.

The disposal of tubes and swabs must be carried out in accordance with the laboratory's regulations on biohazardous waste.

Storing swarm swabs

Store swabs at 2-30°C.

Limitations of flocked swabs

Reliable specimen collection depends on many factors, including collection and processing techniques, specimen conditions and timing. The best result is processing soon after the specimen is collected.

If a delay is expected, it is recommended that the swab specimen be stored in an appropriate buffered preservative until processing is complete. Refer to the corresponding reference standards and procedures to determine the best collection technique.

Avoid storage temperatures outside the recommended range.

Precautions for use

Only for one-time use, repeated use may lead to the risk of infection and/or inaccurate results.

Don't re-pack.

Don't re-sterilize.

The use of this product in conjunction with a rapid diagnostic test or instrument should be verified by the user.

Do not use excessive force when taking collecting swab samples from the patient, as it may cause accidental damage to the swab handle.

Follow the instructions below, and the manufacturer does not assume any responsibility for unauthorized use of the product.

All clinical specimens may contain infectious microorganisms and should be handled with care. Appropriate protective equipment should be worn. Follow laboratory and biosafety guidelines when handling clinical specimens.

If the peel pouch is damaged or the expiration date on the label has passed, the swab should not be used.

Only handled by trained personnel.

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