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A Guide To Flocked Swabs

Sep. 04, 2021

Scientific research shows that flocked swabs significantly increase the number of samples collected and release the samples to various culture and analysis systems, thereby improving the quality of diagnosis. In addition to improving the proficiency of analysis and collection, the multiple engineered design of flocked swabs and customized swab making procedures improve the comfort of patients.


How Does The Flocked Swab Work?

1.Hold the handle and gently insert the sampling swab into the sampling site.

2.Gently rotate the sampling swab 3-5 times, and then slowly take it out.

3.Put the taken sample into the sampling tube, break the sampling swab on the upper part of the sampling tube, and then tighten the tube cap to seal.


Advantages of flocked swabs

Under the action of the capillaries, the fluid secretions between the vertical fibers are quickly absorbed. The collection of the cellular material is very easy and effective because the velvet brush texture of the flocked swab removes cells more effectively. By capillary action, all specimens collection are to the surface the nylon fibers.


Flocked Swabs

Flocked Swabs


Why should you choose flocked swabs instead of traditional cotton swabs?

Have you ever received a routine buccal swab test with your head held up and your mouth open in the clinic, but you don’t know if your sample tube is effective?

Well, first of all, everything depends on the selective flocked swab in your doctor's hand. Don't let us start with cotton swabs!

First of all, the purpose of this experiment is to investigate the efficiency of DNA sample collection and release of flocked swabs and traditional cotton swabs.


What else should you know about sample collection?

It is undeniable that sample collection is an important bridge between science and daily life. It helps us to dig deeper into our knowledge of science and reveal the relationship between complex objective facts. The results of the comparison show that good flocking materials not only contribute to the user experience. They can also perform scientific sample collection and release of DNA, saliva and other elements with greater peace of mind. For example, your doctor may give you a strange prescription based on the results of your oral swab test, which you cannot understand at home.

In addition, some laboratory research or pathological analysis requires more professional testing equipment. Storage and transportation equipment should be filled with viral transport media, which the standards of  both stability and tightness.

It is the responsibility of an organization to make the potential demands of the global market more sustainable. In short, cotton swabs can be used for sampling, but it is not good enough. A flocked swab is a much better choice. So why not turn to the latter?

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